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This BEFORE and AFTER photo is just one of approximately sixty faces in a 1917 wedding photo.
The photo is important because the bride is closely related to the wife of the first Lighthouse Keeper of the Capilano River Lighthouse at West Vancouver BC.
Photo Restoration
    Maude Tassie at age 19 on her wedding day in 1915.  The photo was damaged by children some fifty years ago, but the pieces had been saved in an envelope all these years.  In early 2007 I had the pleasure of  presenting the restored photo to Maude’s daughter.
A photo of a young bride, taken forty years ago.
An 1877 ‘Tintype’ photograph taken in Barbados of Peter Fis Spencer.  Tintype was one of the earliest photographic processes.  This process produced the photographic image on a thin piece of steel, described as tin at that time.
A 1917 photo that had laid in tatters for many years, waiting to be restored.
    Edward Snooks, brother of Maude Tassie, photo above.
    This Inuit portrait was taken in Chesterfield Inlet, Hudson Bay, Canada, ca 1905.  The faded and damaged original was discovered in an album that probably dated to very early in the last century.  Careful restoration has brought this wonderful picture back to life.
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