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Second Beach, Stanley Park, Vancouver BC July 29, 1924
ss Gregalia, departing Vancouver, BC ca 1925
Cyril R. Littlebury’s Photographs of Western Canada

    Cyril R. Littlebury (1898-1936) was born in Worcester, England and began taking photographs in the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta in the early 1920’s.  He not only carefully numbered his negatives, but also dated and identified their subject matter.  For this reason alone his photographs have significant archival value.


An Exhibition of Littlebury Photographs at the Pendulum Gallery
Vancouver BC
        In 1946, a thousand negatives were destined for a landfill  but for their accidental discovery by my father, Alfred Booth.    My father gave me this box of Littlebury negatives when I was  but fourteen years old.
    Time has now been turned back more than eighty years, to when Littlebury looked through his camera viewfinder to take these historic photos.
    Exhaustive research has discovered wonderful accounts that accompany these photographs. 
     Limited edition prints accompanied with their history are available via the CONTACT page
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