The Inuit

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Historic Photos of the Canadian Inuit
circa 1900
The Danish sailing ship SORINE is locked in the ice of Hudson Bay in Northern Canada.  The date is July 1911.  The previous year the crew had refused to take the ship to sea because it was not considered to be in seaworthy condition.  The ship was repaired in a shipyard prior to this expedition.  
    The Sorine was chartered to the Hudson Bay Company to sail to the company trading posts established in the Arctic.  The crew is chopping the ice away from hull of the ship to prevent it being crushed.
Inuit hunter, Chesterfield Inlet, NWT, Canada
The hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet can still be found on maps, or Google Earth.
Inuit Mother & Child, Chesterfield Inlet,
 NWT, Canada
Chipewyan camp on the shore of the Hudson Bay, near
Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
There is no heat, water or sanitation in their camp.
This collection of photographs of the Inuit describes the harsh life they lived even at the beginning of the twentieth century.   While their culture has changed markedly, their lives have not been made easier with the integration of outside influences