The Cpr fire
A Major Fire on The Vancouver Waterfront
    The Canadian Pacific Railway owned Piers A, BC and D .  Pier D was
located at the North Ft. of Granville Street in the heart of downtown Vancouver BC.
    The fire likely began as the result of a cigarette that fell between the floor planking.  The warm summer weather would have provided the tinder dry materials enabling the fire to begin.
    Once established, the fire was impossible to control as it was burning on the underside of the pier above the water.  Oil and tar saturated materials caused the fire to spread the length of the pier in a very short time.
    A pumper fire truck  was caught with wheels wedged in the train tracks and had to be abandoned.  The heat was so intense that all the brass components of the truck melted.  Pier D was totally consumed.
Photos by Alfred E. Booth
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